Is an independent channel directed by Iván López Munuera. Present Day is a weird-blurring concept built by a number of troublemaking actors. We don't need TV-Shows to explain the controversies, agonic relationships and manifestos of today, but we want them!!! We want Fuzzy Now Broadcasting TV because revolution will not be televised but it could help us to get organized!!!

Iván López Munuera

Iván López Munuera. Is Contemporary Art/Architecture Critic & Curator. He explores the inscription of Contemporary Art in the critical context of the social sciences and mass media studies. He has curated, among other exhibitions, ‘Fan Riots’ (Festival SOS4.8, 2014), ‘Pop Politics: Activisms at 33 Revolutions’ (CA2M, 2012-2013), ‘El Ranchito’ (Matadero, 2010-2012), ‘Circuitos MMX’ (Comunidad de Madrid, 2010) or ‘Los Esquizos de Madrid’ (MNCARS, 2009; Fundació Suñol, 2009; CAAC, 2010).


Sunshine Ghetto en El Estado Mental

Ya está a la venta el número 4 de la revista El estado mental con mi artículo 'Sunshine Ghetto' sobre políticas del baile //  El estado mental #4 issue is now available and includes my article 'Sunshine Ghetto' regarding the politics of dancing


El martes 16 de septiembre: More Than a Feeling. Fan Riots, Pop Politics y otras estrategias del fan emancipado

El próximo martes 16 de septiembre 2014 estaré en la ETSAM para hablar de fans, políticas y activismos del día a día a través de una serie de proyectos comisariados por mí con la conferencia: More Than a Feeling. Fan Riots, Pop Politics y otras estrategias del fan emancipado // Next Tuesday September 16th 2014 I'll be at ETSAM to talk about daily life activisms focused on a number of projects that I curated with my lecture More Than a Feeling. Fan Riots, Pop Politics, and other strategies of the Eampcipated Fan

Será a las 19:00 en el Aula Magna de la ETSAM.


An opportunity for experimentation

SModa (August, 2014), EL PAÍS, asked me what do I think about the collections of art institutions and museums: how could they be, what could we expect from them. I think they have to be opportunities for experimentation, research and innovation.

Sanatorium Reading

My contribution for the last issue of Arquitectura (COAM, 369): the images of the tuberculosis sanatorium in Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain are stuck on the backs of all our minds. That collection of characters in the years prior to the First World War: the sick, some hopelessly so, who seem like they are on holiday sunbathing in their fur blankets, mentally voyaging through the books they are reading an immersed in the tales between the pages, as real as they are made up...


Arte al cubo: A guide for some art institutions, museums, galleries and spaces in Lower East Side

Hoy, en El Viajero de El País, hago un recorrido por galerías, museos, instituciones y espacios de arte en el Lower East Side de Nueva York // Here is a guide for for some art institutions, museums, galleries and spaces in Lower East Side, NY.

Pincha aquí // Link: Arte al cubo, por Iván López Munuera